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What is Garage Liability?

Liability coverage that pays for Bodily Injury and Property Damage for which you are liable, whether the liability arises out of garage operations or the use of a covered auto, up to the policy limits. Protects the insured who owns a dealership, repair shop or other auto service center.

What is Garagekeepers?

Garagekeepers coverage pays for damage to a customer’s auto that is left with you for service, repair, storage or safekeeping.  Coverage can be written on a Legal Liability coverage form or a broader Direct Primary form.

What is Physical Damage?

Physical Damage coverage pays for damages to covered vehicles.  Coverage may be purchased for scheduled vehicles or for vehicles held for sale at your location, commonly referred to as Dealers Open Lot.  Coverage can be written on a Comprehensive form or Specified Causes of Loss and Collision form.

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